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If ask teenagers about problems with acne, the first thing they are going to answer you is that it is really very annoying.

During this age when your personality is being formed having severe acne means being shy, introvert and not willing to show yourself to public or to feel that others are interested in you.

Low self-esteem and depression is what many suffer from.

Teenagers are ready to do almost anything in order to get rid of this terrible thing from your face and other parts of the body because severe cases of acne sometimes affect neck, chest and back.

It is important for parents to give more attention to their teen kids and discussion about the ways of treating acne is a great idea.

Probably they already know about Accutane (also known as Isotretinoin), or Roaccutane – a miracle drug that treats acne of any form – but most probably they do not know anything about its side effects, about how dangerous it may be and what life-threatening consequences it may cause.

One of the greatest news is that it has been taken off the market because of its controversial effects. Now you cannot buy Accutane in drugstores, but there is always the change to get it illegally online without any prescription.

However, the generic version of Accutane is still on sale and it isn’t less dangerous unfortunately. They say Accutane should be last medication on your list. As it often happens in medicine, the strongest and the most powerful drugs have the most dangerous side effects.

It is the same thing about Accutane (Isotretinoin). Your child may experience skin and lips pains, hair loss, vision problems and they all may end up in great depression with still having acne on the face.

Resulting in destructive effect and having suicidal thought is not a difficult thing to do as you can understand. If you still decide to take Accutane, so keeping an eye on your teen child is the best way to control the effectiveness of the medication.

Patients who use Accutane should see the doctor rather often for blood tests and other analysis. Watching pregnancy is another important issue while taking Accutane.

In no way your teenage daughter can get pregnant. It causes the worst effects for an unborn child, as serious as birth defects and mental inability.

Most pregnancies end in miscarriages or abortions. Being on the sun is not a great idea either so protect you with all possible means. Changes in behavior, mental health and thoughts may also take place, especially those about depression and suicide.

After taking into account the fact that being a teenager and having severe acne is already causing depression, the idea that these thoughts only magnify with Accutane sounds really terrifying.

That is why parents’ control and attention are extremely important for the teens in order to go through the whole process of the treatment successfully and with the least number of losses.

Another very serious threat of Accutane for teenagers is that bones may stop growing too early, before it is the right time.

Long-term side effects may also be the case. Pains, skin irritation and hair loss can still be present in teens’ lives even after they stop taking Accutane.

Choosing to take this medication is a very risky idea. Supporting your teen child and watching his or her mental and psychological condition is crucially important.

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