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Alternatives to Accutane

Accutane appeared in the market in 1983 for the first time.

Since that it has made a revolution in treating severe acne disease when nothing else helped.

Many people become addicted to Accutane after experiencing its miraculous action. When all other drugs failed, Accutane did the entire job.

But in 2009 Roche Pharmaceuticals decided to stop the production of Accutane because of its damaging side effects and threat to cause birth defects.

There was a series of trials preceding this decision when many patients were awarded for suffering from gastric diseases, suicidal thoughts, depressions and other negatives effects of Accutane.

The great publicity of the event helped many people to stop and think before taking Accutane. After this happened, many people started to feel helpless because they did not want to suffer from acne any more.

Other ways of buying illegal Accutane were found: Internet, illegal pharmaceutical supply and so on.

Illegal sales of the drug continued to rise despite the danger of taking it.

Naturally this has lead to another series of health problems among people who bought foreign unapproved version of Accutane.

FDA could not possibly protect those who did not want to be protected. The special governmental program was established in order to ban the marketing of Accutane in the US drugstores.

Instead of trying to find illegal drug there are other available ways to treat acne, even the most serious one.

One of the most successful alternatives to Accutane is topical ointment. It does not work as a systematic drug and it is not transmitted through the bloodstream.

Thus the chances of having any side effects are close to zero. Herbal acne supplement treat the cause of the acne, which may be serious health problems never experienced before.

Due to the fact that the single cause of acne has not been defined yet, it is difficult to say there is one exact way to treat it. In most cases herbal remedies works.

Usually the herbal medicine is used topically on the areas of affected skin. Sometimes mixing different herbs is a great idea.

Another substitute to Accutane but chemical one is retinoic cream which the same ingredient as in Accutane but without such damaging results. Sometimes acne does not affect face only; it can spread over to neck, back and chest.

Of course using a cream or lotion itself is not enough because the problem lies under the skin layer and a stronger and more effective drug is needed.

Many dermatologists prescribe antibiotics as the number one continuous treatment for acne.

Their aim is to decrease the number of bacteria on the skin surface.

Apart from ointments and antibiotics there are also various cosmetic procedures that treat acne. One of the most popular and effective therapies is the photodynamic therapy.

It works by using lasers and pulsed light. They are directed at the skin surface having the same effect as of the sun light.  It is possible to have acne-clearing results after taking Vitamin A supplements, carotene in particular.

Of course the proper dosage is important but it does not expose patient to such toxic risks as Accutane did.

Of course every form of acne is different and individual because there are no two same faces. It means consulting the doctor is the first thing that should come to your mind.

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