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Compensations for Accutane victims

The use of Accutane has made many people suffer greatly from various severe side effects. These drugs are famous for treating serious cases of acne disease but alongside the side effects are even far more serious.

Some people were so desperate that they filed lawsuits against Roche Pharmaceuticals, the manufacturers of Accutane, claiming themselves as victims and wanting to achieve justice. One of the brightest examples is $13 million compensation for three plaintiffs who had terrible health disease after taking Accutane. Similar compensations were paid in other states too.

Generally speaking the manufacturers have been experiencing great financial losses for failing to inform physicians and doctors about the potential Accutane dangers.

More and more trial firms are getting involved in resolving the cases with Accutane all over the country and with combined forces they aim at reaching justice for all the victims. The lawyers do their job with professional excellence and they are recognized for their perfect skills. Though the drug has been introduced after being approved by FDA, it is considered to be one of the most dangerous in terms of side effects. They may include both psychiatric and physical ones.

Now if anybody feels he or she has been injured because of taking Accunate, they may freely contact the law company and claim themselves as victims and entitle to financial compensation from the drug manufacturers.

Recently Roche Pharmaceuticals have been suffering a lot from trials and compensations. All the legal battles were lost and the reputation is greatly tainted. The defendants’ lawyers blame Roche Pharmaceuticals for inadequate warning of having gastric diseases.

The jury brings in the verdict to compensate the money to the victims being guided by the idea that the manufacturer failed to warn the people properly of risks of taking Accunate.

Many people suffer from consequences after taking Accunate even if they have already stopped using the drug. A good example is the man who now suffers from fatigue and depression and as a result hasn’t worked full-time for the past five years.

The Accutane client’s compensation was $5,146,500 for the future pain and suffering, $766,500 for recent pain and suffering, $617,599 not being able to earn money for five years, $387,561 for still ongoing medical expenses and $110,134 for what he has already lost.

Of course the manufacturers intended to file an appeal because they did not agree with the jury’s verdict and did not feel they were the only one to blame. It is natural that the money will not bring the health back to the man but at least it will help him to cope with all the difficulties he still has to face in the near future and maybe throughout all the rest of his life.

The parties had many controversies as for the original cause of the disease. While the medical expert claimed that it was Accunate which caused such gastric disease the Roche Pharmaceuticals’ experts were absolutely denying these facts relying on their own research.

Frankly speaking only people themselves are who to blame. After realizing that Accunate is dangerous for pregnant women the output of this drug has been lowered but many people were able to find Accunate in internet and get it without prescription.

Inappropriate use of the drug and excessive quantities has lead to very serious diseases. This is Roche Pharmaceuticals’ main argument because they claim they warn people properly and have no idea where plaintiffs get these diseases.


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