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Isotretinoin Accutane and Pregnancy Hazards

Every year a great number of children are born with birth defects.

Could these problems have been prevented?

Of course there are some defects that were caused by unavoidable genetic problems but over 50% have unknown causes.

Accutane, an acne therapy drug, which contains isotretinoin, seems to be one of such causes.

Accutane comes to help when nothing else seems to work in case of having acne problems. Sometimes the situation can be so severe that practically only the strongest and the most powerful drugs can help.

Many people claim that such thing happens because of the failure of voluntary safety measures and because of women’s ignorance while taking drug with such a strong active ingredient as isotretinoin.

It is crucially important to understand that taking Accutane is strictly prohibited while being pregnant if you do not want your child to have birth defects.

But the statistics show that the number of miscarriages and exposed pregnancies has risen with the introduction of Accutane.

After a lot of research has been carried out it was offered to substitute the ingredient isotretinoin with another one, which is not so severe and does not expose pregnant women and their fetus to such a danger.

Doctors and scientists intent on banning isotretinoin at all in case of failure to implement another ingredient instead of isotretinoin. The risk is so high that even if a woman takes a small dose during a short period fetal malformations may still take place.

Particularly hazardous is the period when a woman does not know that she is already pregnant because Accutane can cause defects in the early weeks after conception.

Many health agencies make statements in favor of banning isotretinoin. Their mission is to increase the number of healthy born babies without any birth defects. Many research and study programs have been funded by such organizations. A thorough study was conducted to investigate the case in details.

Some women delivered a child with multiple anomalies such as complex congenital heart disease hydrocephalus, and facial dysmorphism. Even more shocking fact is that after extensive medical treatment the baby died at age of 9 weeks.

The woman was taking Accutane for one month.

Another case study includes a woman who stopped taking isotretinoin after being 12 weeks pregnant. Shockingly only one of her three pregnancies turned out to be successful meaning that she was able to delver alive child.

Of course there are cases when women decide to terminate their pregnancies because of the great risk when they find out the danger of taking isotretinoin. All these situations show that women used Accunate without doctor’s prescriptions, did not take this drug for its original purpose and exposed themselves and their unborn babies to a great danger.

Failing to undergo a medical test before being pregnant may also be one of the reasons. If a woman does not have medical consultation she simply does not know about the side effects of Accunate because she thinks she just treats acne problems.

Though there is a warning on a package saying that only severe acne should be treated with Accunate and it should not be taken by women with childbearing potential many women ignore the warning.

Some scientists also blame the increased number of Accutane TV commercials and other forms of advertising which divert the attention from real consequences of taking Accutane., dubuque casino, mobile promo codes for doubledown casino app

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